Production, with Experience.

Mind integrates into a single structure engineering and manufacture of composite components.

Our engineers are able to interpret client requests and guide them through the development of their desired product, employing the most suitable production process based on the applications to which the component is intended.

Autoclave or compression molding makes no difference to us, what determines the choice is always the type of product and application that the customer desires.
The goal is simple and ambitious: invite you into our company with an idea and leave with the finished product.


Create value for our customers through technological innovation and organizational flexibility.

  • Crescita Costante
  • Soluzione Adatta
  • Valore Tecnologico
  • Onestà e Affidabilità


Provide excellent technical support to our customers for the development of their products, from idea to physical fulfillment.
Provide the flexibility of an entire organization that is based on a careful selection and constant training of talented individuals, coupled with a constant investment in technological innovation that makes us the ideal partner that can adapt to the specific needs of every company.
Produce your products as if they were our own, with the same accuracy, tenacity and a genuine vocation for quality and confidentiality.

  • Professionisti
  • Tecnologie & Know-How
  • Dal prototipo al prodotto finito
  • 180 Dipendenti


We make your prototypes or products as if they were ours, with the same accuracy and tenacity. There is a genuine quality vocation, which we pursue by providing you with the best skills at each stage, in addition to the utmost privacy, protecting your business. We offer a real competitive advantage by coordinating our team to your needs.

  • Accuracy and Tenacity
  • Quality
  • Skills & Confidentiality
  • Competitive advantage